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Choosing Nail Colors that Suit You

Nails that are well-shaped improve the way your hands look. Nail colors provide an interesting look for your fingers. In fact, they also add more character to them. For bright clothing, a bright red nail polish will make you look younger than your actual age. And if your nails have some flaws, nail colors can easily hide them.

Choosing the Nail Color for your Skin Tone

The choice of nail color though should be matched to your own skin tone.

  • Fair Skin. If you have a fair skin, there is a variety of nail colors you can choose from. Pink, blue, maroon, violet and red are just some of the shades that will perfectly work for your skin tone. You will look your best in lighter shades which come closer to your fair skin.

  • Dark Skin. Dark skin tones should be matched with dark nail colors. Colors like deep red, chocolate red and deep maroon are your choices if you want your hands to look well-groomed. Do not wear light or bright colors because they will make your hands look older and pale.
  • Sun Kissed. If you have this skin tone, you can wear any colors you want. You have the option to make any nail art design and don’t worry about complementing it. If you want your hands to look sexy and sensuous, go for earthy colors. Also, shades of pink and bright red will make your hands look trendy.

Some Tips when Choosing Nail Polish Colors

Choosing nail colors which suit you doesn’t have to be difficult.  Below are some helpful tips.

  • Consider your Lip Color. Look for a nail color which matches your lip color. If you think you look great with deep red lipstick, the same shade may also look on your nails.
  • Match your choice with your wardrobe. As you select a nail color, check your wardrobe’s dominant colors and make a choice from there.

  • Consider the trends and seasons. Although you may need to wear a light shade in the summer, the winter demands warmer hues.

Wearing attire where pieces and features complement each other will make you feel comfortable and confident. In terms of nail colors, they need to suit your skin tone. If you are new to nail polish and nail art, visit a nail spa to get a manicure done. Also, explore design options from Ms Mee’s Coffin Nails to expand your choices.

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