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Plastic Surgery – The History and Importance of Reconstruction

Plastic surgery is the process to reconstruct or reshape different areas of body that are affected by injuries, burn, birth defects, surgery or trauma. These days plastic surgeries are being used by thousands of people especially women, to shape their body. People who are not satisfied with some part of their body, get plastic surgery to look better. Nowadays hundreds of thousands of females get plastic surgery in shape of breast augmentation.

Plastic surgery dates back to hundreds years ago when people used to change the shape of their noses. It dates back to BC era when people used to repair body parts by taking skin from particular areas of body. In 800 BC, an Indian physician named Sushruta tried plastic surgery for the first time by using forehead skin of a person for nose reconstruction. Sushruta has important contributions in the fields of surgery and his studies were later adopted by European physicians.

Modern surgery of surgery were mostly introduced during WWI when soldiers were being treated. Many soldiers had several injuries to their body parts that required plastic surgery. Sir Harold Gillies of New Zealand, who at that time was working in London, used different techniques of plastic surgery to treat soldiers who had facial injuries and disfigured faces. Other surgeons tried different techniques as well and contributed in this field.

People who lack confidence and are shy because of the way they look, they can get plastic surgery. Plastic surgery can boost your self-esteem and can make you feel confident like normal people. Nowadays, plastic surgery has become so common that there are thousands of plastic surgeons in the USA alone. Now the plastic surgery has been further categorized in cosmetic surgery, which is a process to change the visual appearance to your liking. Many people have become addicted to plastic surgeries and they get several surgeries to totally change their appearances.

Now there are several categories of plastic surgery which are being used for medical and cosmetics purposes. The different types of surgeries include aesthetic surgery, burn surgery, craniofacial surgery, hand surgery, pediatric surgery etc. The cosmetic surgery is further divided into sub categories like tummy tuck, buttock augmentation, eyelid surgery, lip enhancement, cheek augmentation, liposuction, nose job, ear surgery, breast augmentation, arm lift and several other types of surgeries.

Plastic surgery has number of benefits and it is used for different reasons. But there are some risks and side effects of plastic surgery as well. If not performed carefully, it can cause nerve damage, infection, scarring, organ damage and disfiguring. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid unneeded surgeries. If you want to get plastic or cosmetic surgery then always get a professional and skilled surgeon to do so. Because you can get permanent damage to your body while achieving your ideal shape.

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