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When To Wear Fun And Flirty Dresses

Dress codes are often unwritten, but if you have social graces and good manners, you want to make sure you’re dressed well for each occasion. If you’re a fan of fun and flirty dresses, there’s a time and place for them. You might not wear one to church. But, you can find plenty of ways to put your whimsy and flair for fashion on full display.

When warm weather arrives, it’s time to ditch the sweaters and the jeans and the boots and the socks and throw on a fun little dress that lets your shoulders soak up the sun. Pair your favorite sundress with a pair of cute sandals.

Weddings and other special events are also good times to pull a flirty dress out of your closet. You can wear them with a cardigan or jacket while you’re attending the service, and then let your hair down for the reception.

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