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Plastic Surgery – The History and Importance of Reconstruction

Plastic surgery is the process to reconstruct or reshape different areas of body that are affected by injuries, burn, birth defects, surgery or trauma. These days plastic surgeries are being used by thousands of people especially women, to shape their body. People who are not satisfied with some part of …

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Skin Care Routine – How To Get The Best Out Of It?

People of all ages have a common complaint about skin. Out of stress and oxidative damage skin can become unattractive and can make a person self conscious. It can lower down your self esteem as well as self confidence. Professionals can help you out with your skin problems. However, it …

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Fresh Blonde Ombres Are Here!!!

These fresh, gorgeous hairstyles are sure to shake it up. With daring, creative tones and attention-grabbing colors, anything goes with this fun look. And that is what we love about the blonde ombre.  It’s brilliant because it looks fantastic and can still be a low maintenance style. https://www.instagram.com/p/BCYRhMlpnj1/ Mermaid Ombre …

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