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Fresh Blonde Ombres Are Here!!!

These fresh, gorgeous hairstyles are sure to shake it up. With daring, creative tones and attention-grabbing colors, anything goes with this fun look. And that is what we love about the blonde ombre.  It’s brilliant because it looks fantastic and can still be a low maintenance style.


Mermaid Ombre

Long, wavy blonde hair looks gorgeous in a mermaid ombre. By blending blue or green a third of the way up from the ends, your locks turn you into a mythical creature.  Watch the ‘WOW’ reaction from everyone who sees you.

Pink Ribbons

Ombre ribbons are the upcoming trend in the popular ombre technique. Go bold with precisely dyed pink tresses in this eye-catching style.

Light Reversed Ombre

Even if you love your hair, sometimes you just need a change. Try this fantastic reversed ombre with soft brown tips. Your hair will have incredible depth and appear fuller and more luxurious.

Platinum Ombre

Go platinum in this stunning, celebrity look by blending platinum ends down from a darker blonde crown. Wear it straight for that off to the beach look or styled in a curly up-do for a night out on the town.

Edgy Blonde Brown Ombre

A touch of brown at the roots to contrast with blonde hair is classically striking. You’ll turn heads with this ‘do as it brings out your facial features and illuminates your natural beauty.

Patterned Ombre

You will get double-takes wherever you go with this unique style. The fascinating patterned ombre lets your creativity shine so that all can see your originality. Patterns can be done in animal prints, hearts, criss-cross, or whatever shows the world that you are one-of-a-kind.

Light Beige-Blonde Ombre

This seamless transition from light beige to blonde is the quintessential example of ombre. This natural, full look has breathtaking highlights and depth. Want something a little edgier? Go with soft waves and a middle parting. The result is stunning!

Straight Long Ombre

Ombre hues are the most noticeable on long straight hair. Get noticed and add some ash brown to the tips of your blonde locks. This style will get you second looks wherever you go.

Bohemian Ombre

This sensational ombre will fascinate everyone who sees you. Ash blondes and platinum blondes, add some dark brown or black color to your roots and fade into your natural color for a spectacular style.

Beachy Blonde Ombre

Every girl envies those long, wavy locks that look effortlessly chic. For the beachy blonde ombre, smoothly transition from darker roots to light ends for a natural beachy look.

Dark Blonde Ombre

Dark blondes – show your passion with this hot ombre style. Get lighter hues at the tips for a spirited look that shows them your power. Add some honey or platinum blonde highlights for a little more intensity.


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