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Most Common Plastic Surgery Complications ThatEveryoneNeeds To Know

Plastic surgery has emerged as one of the most appreciated solutions of the era. It has helped a large number of people to change their looks. From nose reshaping to breast augmentation, the results of plastic surgery are revolutionary. But nothing so useful comes without risks.

Neither it is a simple process, nor free of risks. However, the benefits outshine the negativities and that’s why people that need it, have a win-win situation. But you definitely need to have a highly experienced plastic surgeon like Dr. Morris Ritz to get the benefits. Going for a complicated treatment can be a scary thought for everyone. So, before you go for your surgery, have a look at the complications that you might face.

Nerve damage

The common after-effects of surgery include numbness and tingling. According to professionals, these can be the sign of nerve damage. Many women feel a change in sensitivity after breast surgery.

A hematoma is considered as a packet of blood that feels painful. The risk is prevalent in nearly all surgeries. Doctors perform additional operations to drain the blood that stores in the form of the packet.


Utmost care is done to prevent infection, but it still exists. The infection can be severe or mild depending on the type of surgery, and the precautions followed. Sometimes when the infection is internal and causes enormous problems, it is treated with antibiotics.


The main aim of cosmetic surgery is to improve appearance, and that’s why the scars after the surgery feel disgusting. Red and thick raised scars that are mainly known as hypertrophic scarring can occur in 2-5% of cases of breast augmentation.

Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) and Pulmonary Embolism (PE)

Sometimes, blood clots are formed in deep veins after surgery, especially in legs. This condition is called DVT. The complication is however uncommon but can be fatal when the lumps melt and travel to lungs, and the situation is known as PE.

Organ damage

The liposuction can be lethal because it can cause organ damage. Sometimes, additional surgeries are performed to repair the injuries occurred in such cases.

Anesthesia complication

Anesthesia is given to patients so that they can remain unconscious during the painful procedures. There are both uncommon and common side effects of anesthesia. Some patients might wake up disoriented and confused after the surgery and can shiver. The severe effects include infection, heart attacks, stroke, and even death.

Appearance dissatisfaction

Most individuals that undergo plastic surgery feel happy after the surgery, but sometimes, they can feel unsatisfied as well. Change in facial expressions after surgery can also make you feel bad.

Blood loss

Blood loss is one of the most severe complications. Uncontrolled blood loss during the surgery or internal bleeding after surgery can sometimes lead to death too.


Stroma is like a large blister and can cause swelling and pain. These can cause infection later on, and that’s why these are drained with a needle. Even after removing, chances of recurrence are present.

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