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Ordering Custom Stickers? Here’s How You Can Order!

No matter whether you are just trying to get quirky by posting stickers on your laptop, or you are looking for branding materials, printing custom stickers is easier than ever. Yes, there are a bunch of companies like Stickeroo that offer amazing choices for different needs and budgets. Below is a quick overview of how you can order custom stickers.

File formats and color

You can design your own stickers easily in any photo editing software or Photoshop. Usually, companies accept all kinds of file formats, but vector files are the best for getting the right results. The best options include EPS, AI, PDF, and SVG. What’s also important is the resolution, which should be around 300dpi at the minimum. Of course, the better resolution images you can offer, the better will be the sticker quality. If you have selected a vendor already, check the bunch of products that they deal in and the formats they accept. Some companies may print Pantone colors, while some don’t. If the vendor prints CMYK colors, they can do color matching to the best possible extent.

Kiss cut vs. die cut stickers

Now this is one of the many considerations worth pondering on. For the uninitiated, die cut stickers are those that are cut to match the exact shape of the artwork. Basically, when you peel the sticker off, there is no extra material left on the backing paper. Kiss cut stickers, on the other hand, have stickers that are cut out of the vinyl material. When you peel off the sticker, there is still some backing material left. As such, Kiss Cut stickers are easier to peel off. With that said, final choice depends on the artwork and final results sought. Die Cuts are ideal when you want the design and artwork to create an instant impression, while kiss cut is more preferred when easy peeling is the first consideration. The excessive material on the kiss cut stickers are often used by businesses to add more promotional information or just as a means to write more.

Finally, before placing an order and selecting artwork, make sure that the vendor can deliver on time. This is of utmost importance when you are ordering marketing materials or need stickers to be ready for a special event. Get an estimate in advance, and bulk orders usually qualify for a discount, so check for that, as well.

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