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Polo t-shirts that you should wear for your next Tennis game

Wondering what is that piece of clothing for men that can be worn in summer season without any hassle? Polo t-shirt is that comfortable and versatile clothing that any man can own. Almost all the men out there must be having polo t-shirts of various brands. It is an ideal apparel to wear in summer and therefore all men have them in their closet. Whenever you have a doubt about what to wear, you can look up to polo t-shirts for help. They can be worn almost everywhere where you need to wear casuals.

Polo t-shirts originated originally as clothing for the people in sports. It has now become one of the most demanded top wear for the tennis players or sportspersons. Distinguished by its unique and classic appearance, the polo t-shirts are the most versatile piece in any man’s wardrobe. If you do not have the idea of how to dress yourself up or what to choose to wear with a polo t-shirt, there might be chances where you can go disastrously wrong. Through this article we will tell you about the connection between the tennis and the polo t-shirts and what kind of polo t-shirts you can wear for your next tennis game.

Tennis shirt is also known as the polo t-shirt or what sportsmen started wearing while playing the golf. It is a t-shirt that has a collar, buttons either two or three just down the collar and two slits towards the lower edge on both the sides. These polo t-shirts are generally made from lightweight fabric like the pique cotton which is quite comfortable for the sportspersons.

In the mid 1920s designers all over the world were looking for something much comfortable for the sportspersons. It was at this time that the great tennis player Rene Lacoste realized that these shirts could be used for the tennis players. He modified it further according to the requirements of the players. The greatest being he thought of cutting down the sleeves because full sleeved shirts that were in vogue were quite uncomfortable for the players. Another important innovation brought about by Lacoste was the introduction of fabric made from pique cotton technology. It made the material more durable and light weight. It s breathability was also enhanced. This fabric was more suitable for the tennis players. Lacoste wore this polo t-shirt in the U.S. Open Championship 1926. He won the game and polo t-shirts became the new style and comfort statement for the tennis players.

Polo t-shirts are known for the comfort they offer to the players and the game of tennis has embraced this outfit very lovingly. You can buy a variety of polo t-shirts online on the websites like amazon.com, bewakoof.com, flipkart.com, etc.

Buy your next polo t-shirts from any of the above listed popular brands and rock your tennis game with a super performance.

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