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Respiratory infections and natural remedies

Recurrent respiratory infections are diseases that can be treated with natural remedies to fight all the agents.

Adapting to changes
Seasonal changes are adjustment periods body. With the arrival of cold, very typical moisture related pathologies where breeding grounds for bacteria and several agents are generated. It’s okay to check the immune system as strong as possible find to cope with these periods. For more visit our website today www.くすりエクスプレス.co.

In these situations the body demands rest, care and good food. In this article some of the most common respiratory infections and possible treatments to follow are presented.

Respiratory Infections

  • Rhinitis is an infection of the lining of the nasal cavity, usually occurs by viral causes such as the common cold. It can also be presented in form of allergic rhinitis or hay fever or allergic people sensitive to allergens.
  • Pharyngitis: Inflammation of the pharynx, is often taken for viral causes such as strep.
  • Laryngitis: Infection or inflammation of the larynx. It is caused by viral respiratory infections, inhalation of toxic, intubation, abuse of the vocal cords (speakers, singers …).
  • Tonsillitis: Inflammation of one or more masses of the tonsils (lymphoid tissue) present in the pharyngeal mucosa. Caused by viral or bacterial infections.
  • Bronchitis: Inflammation of the bronchi. The causes are often viral or inhalation of toxic infections.

In any of these respiratory infections or complications is very important to avoid foods that help to keep the symptoms of the disease and to suppress the immune system. For more visit https://www.ベストケンコー.co.


  • Elimination of foods that produce mucus, milk, flour and simple sugars.
  • Avoid very cold or cooling foods (salads at night in winter).
  • Avoid industrial products.


  • Warm fluids, vegetable broths, purees …
  • Onions, cabbage and turnip, broccoli, carrot …
  • Soft spicy as ginger as they are expectorants. We always will be a great help in the various respiratory infections.
  • Foods with chlorophyll, restorative large alveoli.
  • The pears lubricate and cleanse the lungs, can be cooked a little.
  • The miso (soybean paste, fermented barley or rice) is a very large repair and healing in states of weakness and fever.

Phytotherapy for respiratory infections
The medicinal plants are great allies for respiratory problems. We will use plants as the symptoms that it:

  • Antitussive: Drosera, poppy, mullein, plantain, mallow, marshmallow, horehound.
  • ANTISEPTIC: Sage, thyme, rosemary, eucalyptus, maritime pine.
  • ANTI-INFLAMMATORY: Agrimony, hedge mustard, plantain, mallow, pulmonaria, licorice, willow.
  • Febrífugas: Eucalyptus, mullein, horehound, pulmonaria, willow, elderberry.
  • Demulcent (soothing): plantain, mallow, marshmallow, pulmonaria, elderberry, coltsfoot. This is a great mix of respiratory infections.
  • Anti-allergenic: Goatee, maritime pine, rosemary, elderberry, golden sun.
  • EXPECTORANTS: White spruce, pine, eucalyptus, thyme, sage, lavender.
  • Mucolytic: Eucalyptus, hyssop, plantain, horehound.
  • BALSAMIC: White fir, eucalyptus, guaiac, maritime and Scots pine.

Remedies for respiratory infections

  • Infusions: An example of tisane for tonsillitis: Malva, Marshmallow, Elderberry and Plantain. Take 3 times daily.
  • Gargling: gargles are a great help when the damage is located to the upper airways.
  • An example would be a decoction of Plantain and Salvia. Put the plants in cold and waiting to boil in water about 10 minutes. Gargle with the preparation, you can add a little lemon (just as it can be irritating).
  • Vahos: The vapors help us reach the innermost areas as the bronchi and lungs. We used to disinfect, cough, inflammation and repair. They are one of the best natural remedies for treating respiratory infections. It is very effective to use essential oils as they are more antiseptics and expectorants plant itself. We must seek advice before in asthma and in young children.Pine, Eucalyptus, Plantain, Sage, Rosemary and Pine.
  • Nasal Cleansing: It can make nasal bathrooms with the result of the infusions. A little salt is added to a cup and the remedy is introduced into the sinuses, head tilts and the remedy is poured slowly.
  • Nasal Sprays: There are sprays of plant extracts that give very good results.

Heal naturally
Today it is very important to have a natural mind to overcome the symptoms experienced by the body, such as respiratory infections. He has clearance mechanisms and incredible healing.

From natural medicine works by enhancing these mechanisms with remedies that are usually very aggressive and very similar. Do not forget that the earth supplied us with all the medicine and still exists today and serves. For more visit our website today https://www.unidru.com/.

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