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Skin Care Routine – How To Get The Best Out Of It?

People of all ages have a common complaint about skin. Out of stress and oxidative damage skin can become unattractive and can make a person self conscious. It can lower down your self esteem as well as self confidence. Professionals can help you out with your skin problems. However, it is always best to follow a skin care routine in order to prevent any serious damage.

Following are the few ways to diminish the skin:


You can exfoliate the area of skin regularly while bathing. Mix some amount of body scrub or bathing salts with few drops of essential lavender oil. The lavender oil is a natural antiseptic and will reduce the re-occurrence of the skin.

Massage them in circular motions and then wash it off. Regular usage of this remedy will remove the dead skin on the surface and make it glow. It also helps in skin rejuvenation. For face you can use a mild exfoliator that will suit your skin type and use alternatively along with face wash.

Moisturizers and creams

Moisturizing is the most essential part of skin care routine. It should be done every day to hydrate your skin. You can use Shea butter, cocoa butter or moisturising body milk. It helps in blood circulation in the body. Proper way of massaging it will ensure better absorption. You should always go for non-alcoholic and paraben free moisturizer.

Depending on your skin you can also use a cream based or gel based moisturizer. Cream based are perfect for normal to dry skin and gel based moisturizers are perfect for oily to combination skin. A home pack made up of banana, yoghurt and honey can also be used on your skin.

Diet and skin care routine

Daily food habits can affect the skin as well. Diet should be given importance along with skincare routine. Reduce taking oily foods and go for salads, fresh fruits and easily digestible foods. Cut down on your sugar and salt intake. Eat seasonal vegetables and fruits.

Drink plenty of water. Minimum 3 to 4 litres of water is needed for a human body. Water flushes out the toxins from your system. Vitamins are responsible for the glow in your skin. Include vitamins in your daily routine.


Daily food supplements include vitamin e and cod liver oil, vitamin a, vitamin b, biotin, carotene, vitamin c and calcium. These can be taken even to keep your body and skin healthy.

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