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Steps to make Custom Boutique Hair Bows

Isn’t it time to begin creating your personal boutique style custom hair bows? My secrets are actually revealed.

My Collection is dependant on 2-3 different folds. The very first is the fundamental boutique bow, the 2nd overturn switch and also the third the mismatched bow. They are fundamental bow tying techniques which once mastered may be used to produce the most marvelous bows. Let us begin with the thing you need.


Ribbon: You may make a hair bow from almost any kind of ribbon but probably the most popular and simple to utilize is grosgrain ribbon. Though I enjoy include various kinds of ribbon I mainly stay with grosgrain, specifically for the bottom bow.

Clips: There’s two primary kinds of clips will attach your bows. Alligator or pinch clips and barrettes or French clips. Alligator clips can be found as single prong or double prong and there are also all of them with teeth. French Clips are barrettes come in an array of sizes from 40mm-80mm, 1.5″-4″. In the finish during the day the kind of clip you utilize comes lower to non-public preference or the preferred choice of your clients.


Knitting Crochet Thread – size 10. (There are various things will secure your bow – other options are embroidery floss, 22 gauge wire, beading wire, or things i use, crochet thread – test out that which you prefer) You can purchase this in only one color or a number of different ones based on your choice.

Glue (whether hot glue gun or Fabri-Tac) a great pair of scissors (small ones work nicely) Cigarette Lighter.


Wire 22 gauge,

Needle nose pliers. Wire cutters.

The Boutique Bow: Initially you may seem like you’re all thumbs – but stick in internet marketing – after you have mastered the fundamental boutique bow technology-not only alone for excellent everyday bows – use ribbon for baby bows, for toddlers, 7/8 for toddlers and so the full 1.5″ for excellent big bows. You can test tying two boutique bows and stacking them together to have an even larger but still fundamental look. The Boutique bow also forms the bottom of the When The Bow Fits Boutique Private Collection Bow.

Step One: Contain the ribbon in your soul left hands using the finish from the ribbon pointing lower towards your left arm. Go ahead and take lengthy finish from the ribbon and switch it within the short finish the ribbon to create a loop as proven above.

Step Two: Turn your left hands therefore the palm is facing up and form another loop placing it on the top from the first loop so your thumbs are touching with the ribbon.

Step Three: Together with your thumb on the top, put your right index finger behind the 2 loops and pinch to carry in position. Now release together with your left hands and reposition as proven above. In case your loops aren’t quite even you are able to adjust them at this time.

Step Four. Holding the bow along with you right hands, turn the bow so the two loops are facing the left after which pinch the bow together with your left hands to depart your right hands free. Go ahead and take lengthy finish from the ribbon and pull it from you maintaining the position it’s on.

Step Five: Turn your right palm for the roof so the ribbon begins to create a loop.

Step Six: Look lower at the bow. There’s a mix in the center of the bow. You need to slip the loop you’re making in the center of the mix. The lengthy finish from the ribbon should certainly be pointing diagonally in your direction.

Step 7: Go ahead and take lengthy finish from the ribbon inside your right hands and make up the final loop by moving your right hands towards your left hands and pop you thumb on the top to carry in position.

Step 8. Now carefully move your bow around so the lengthy finish from the ribbon is around the right hands side. Place both thumbs on the top from the bow. This can be used chance to change your loops if they’re less than even.

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