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Styles You Should Never Wear to Work

You should always have your best foot forward when you’re at work. If you want to create an impression that you are a reliable employee, you should dress to impress. Though you should always be trendy, make sure that the clothes you’re wearing are appropriate for the office environment. Avoid wearing these at the office if you want to create a positive impression to your boss and co-workers:

Too Many Ruffles

If you want to feel feminine, wearing a piece with ruffles will instantly make you feel more womanly and classy. Too many ruffles, on the other hand, is a big no-no when going to work.

It may be perfect to wear on a date night or a barbeque on a  Sunday afternoon, but you will not be taken seriously at the office if you wear ruffles. If you can get away with wearing ruffles in the workplace, pair a ruffle top with smart pieces, such as a pencil-cut skirt.

Graphic Bags

Have you seen your boss enter the office wearing a graphic tote bag? They may be perfect for vacation getaways, but using one should not be your go-to when you want to look stylish and professional. Your office bag does not need to be boring though, a solid-colored leather bag with some structure is more appropriate and is just as cute.

Over the Top Nail Art

Who doesn’t love those gorgeous and unique nail designs done by professionals at the nail salon? Though doing this you’re likely to get a few compliments, it’s safe to stay away from them during workdays.

Your boss will likely not be impressed if you come to work on with a shimmering nail design. If you must, stick with simple, yet classy nail polish. You can never go wrong with pale pink, brown, or nude colors.

Bow Shoes

This type of shoe is ideal if you want to create a look for date nights. Having this type of image does not get you a promotion though.

If you’ve been coveting that promotion for a long time, wear something that denotes strength, power, and wisdom.  Bow shoes do not clearly embody those qualities. You should also avoid wearing slippers and boots at the office too. It may be tempting to wear your UGG slippers to be comfortable at the office, but it will not give you the appropriate look for the workplace.

Animal Tops

It’s okay to fill your Instagram or Facebook page with kitten and dog posts if you’re a big animal lover. When it comes to going to work, you should avoid wearing anything with animals on it.

You’ll end up getting tons of disapproving looks, and you may be perceived as immature. Stick to something with abstract prints and geometric color blocking if you want to stand out at work.

Statement Necklaces

Wearing chunky and big accessories instantly take your outfit to the next level, but only if you’re heading to a party or having a night out with friends. These pieces are too much attention-grabbing and not ideal in a corporate setting.

Though you want attention during meetings, this is not the way to get it. Wear simple yet classy pieces that spell professionalism and fun.

Peasant Blouses

Your favorite celebrities certainly look cute in Bohemian outfits during festivals or concerts. You may have adapted to this trend, but it doesn’t exactly look professional.

These tops are loosely-made, making them comfortable and stylish. Leave your boho clothes at home when you’re heading to the office. You should look put together for work, not like you’re ready for a party.

Hair Jewelry

Save your glamorous and attention-catching hair accessories for parties or other occasions that are not work-related. Hair accessories at work should be kept minimal and simple.

A sleek ponytail always equates professionalism. Jeweled elastic bands and headbands should not be worn to work for any reason.

Bling Embellishments

Bling is everywhere. It is the center of attention in many runways, and lots of designers are including blingy outfits in their collections.

While bling instantly makes you look fabulous, it is not appropriate to wear at work. Just like with accessories, your clothing should be kept as simple and minimal as possible. Stick to tailored pieces and pencil cut skirts. They embody proficiency and professionalism unlike bling.

Dress Confidently

You may not feel like yourself when you are dressing in clothes that are more plain and less fun. This is understandable in the workplace, but you don’t want to give off a bad impression to your co-workers or boss.

It’s better to dress for success, rather than dress like you’re going out to a club. Think of it this way, you will only wear work appropriate clothes the five days you are at work. You are able to dress the way you want in your spare time–without worrying if you’re outfit is too revealing or not.

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