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The Healing Properties of the Aloe Vera Gel

The aloe vera gel obviously comes from the aloe vera plant which is known to have natural healing powers. The truth is that the aloe vera has been used primarily for medicinal purposes in the past. The best aloe vera gel in Singapore is used as a skin treatment. The aloe vera plant comes from Africa but you can find it today growing in many tropical countries all over the globe.

According to the records, the pure gel that comes from the plant has been used for treating wounds and burns. It also has other healing properties and today it is also used for cosmetic purposes. That’s why you can easily find aloe vera in creams, shampoos, lotions, gels and it is also available as a drink.

The Aloe Vera Gel

The gel is found in the middle of the aloe vera’s succulent leaf. It is only when you cut the leaf that you can extract the gel. For many of the market products, only the gel that comes from the inner leaf can be used. The gel may also be used raw on the skin to treat different skin conditions. Once you have a wound or bruise, you can simply apply the raw aloe gel on it several times a day. The healing can take place without any remnant of a scar. When you’re at home, you can simply mix it with your regular skin cream and use it daily for your skin care regimen.

Other Uses

Apart from the skin, the aloe vera gel can also be used for the hair and scalp to remove dandruff and to prevent hair loss. Instead of the commercial hair gel, you can use the aloe vera. Soon you will notice your hair texture and growth to be improving. The gel can also be used on your gums if ever you suffer from pain and inflammation. When you apply it on your gums, this can help prevent tooth decay and also help to promote healing on your teeth.

The aloe vera gel can also be applied as cold compress on your joints and muscles to get rid of muscle and arthritic pains.

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