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What’s new in men’s tees?

The freshest styles in men’s t-shirts this season, listed for you to acquire ASAP!

Every man loves a stylish T shirt, and every man owns several tees already. But just like no woman can ever say that she has too many shoes, no man can ever claim to have too many T shirts! Every season brings with it fresh new colours and styles, and tees are constantly being reinvented too.

This summer, stock up on the freshest arrivals in T shirts for men with leading fashion sites. Here’s what you look for:

* Roll up shirt sleeves. Is it a shirt or a men’s T-shirt? It can be a bit of both, though it is actually the latter. This is a wonderful new relaxed style in T shirts for men, where the sleeve rolls up to reveal a different design underneath. The sleeve is held in place with a button up style, which adds to its trendy look even further. Pair it with straight or loose denims and sneakers.

* Collared and fitted.Fitted men’s T shirts normally feature round necks and zero collars. This season, prominent fashion sites like Jabong feature fitted tees with a collar. It’s a slightly formal take on the fitted t shirt for men, but it lends itself equally well to casual trousers or even fitted shorts. Pair with leather loafers or sandals and finish with a cool pair of Aviators and a smile.

* Round neck. The classic round neck tee never goes out of style, whatever the season. But this summer, look for tees with neckline detailing – it could be a deeper cut, or light embroidery, or just a different band around the neck to signify a colour difference. Round neck tees are completely casual, so pair with loose jeans or shorts. If you want to wear a round neck tee to work, wear a fitted T shirt over straight cut jeans and finish with a dark coloured blazer.

* Striped for the season. Summer is the time to hit the beaches, and what is better than a casual tee with stripes thrown over a pair of khaki shorts? Striped tees are a staple in T shirts for men in this season, and leading fashion sites have new colours and cuts to offer. Pair with a sun hat, shorts or cargo pants and a pair of colourful flip flops.

* Sleeveless. This type of men’s T shirt is strictly for the gym-chiselled hunk wanting to show off his sculpted arms. A sleeveless tee sits well with broad shoulders, muscular arms and a narrow waist – though you can still rock it if you have none of these attributes but loads of swagger! Wear it over a pair of dark fitted denim pants, and finish with tinted sunglasses, leather boots and a bandanna on your wrist.

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