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Why Graft Dissection has Significant Role in Achieving the Best Hair Transplant Results

The graft dissection in the hair transplant procedure has a central role that decides the success in the hair transplant surgery. The dissection is allowed when the grafts have been harvested or excised that helps in obtaining the viable grafts free from the connective tissues and supports in finding the individual live hair follicles to fulfil the surgical goal. As a matter of fact, the dissection step is common for both the techniques of the hair transplant, but it has prime importance to the FUT technique as the strip of the skin is wholly excised from the safe donor part containing bunches of hair roots. A proper dissection process is an integral part of the hair transplant surgery ensures us about the aesthetic success of the procedure.

These days, hair transplant in Australia from the perspective of global hair transplant market recorded a decreasing number in surgery as the masses are more interested in receiving the procedure in India, thus the credibility of Indian clinics increase with increases of interest. The hair transplant cost in Australia also a factor that makes it available only for the creamy layered people/patient. However, the appeal of procedure in India is increasing day-by-day and Indian surgeon gained the popularity as they have performed a number of cases with the best aesthetic outcomes.

What is Graft Dissection Process in the Hair Transplant?

The graft dissection process in the hair transplant surgery has the main motive towards meeting the desired goal in terms of receiving a number of grafts in the single session. The process allows a surgeon to receive the individual live hair follicles in order to fulfil the successful implantation in the surgery. The graft dissection in the FUT has prime importance as the whole strip is excised from the back and sides of the head/scalp, which is needed to be extracted in the form of an individual follicular unit/graft for the implantation. As far as the FUE hair transplant is concerned, dissection is also allowed there to receive the individual graft and so the step is applied in both the methods of the hair transplant.

During the dissection of grafts in the hair transplant, either the method is applied with the FUT or the FUE hair transplant, it is absolutely mandatory that grafts are kept intact, moist and so it is kept in the saline water to avoid the unwanted desiccation.

The Key Factors to be considered while Dissecting the Graft:

  1. Preserving of Follicular units: The follicular units are a natural grouping of hair occurs in the natural grouping of 1-4 hairs. However, it is the main concern in the surgery that how effectively and efficiently these units can be extracted in order to place them on the defined balding areas of the scalp. It needs experience and expertise to recognize the patient’s need to implant the particular kind of graft at the particular space. Since the slim grafts are used to cover the frontal hairline, whereas the chubby grafts are required for covering the crown and the mid-crown areas of the scalp.
  2. Handling of Graft: It is also a main concern in the hair transplant that how correctively a hair transplant surgeon handles the grafts during the dissection process. It is advisable to hold the grafts from the tip side and keep root untouched in order to avoid the unwanted damages.
  3. A proper trimming with natural consistency: The dissection of grafts needs the proper trimming in order to obtain the live individual graft/follicular unit. However, it is needed to give attention to the trimming in such a way that the aesthetic boundary with the surrounding tissue (skinny) or with additional tissue (chubby) of the graft is extracted. These grafts are implanted into the recipient balding part of the scalp according to the defined slitting zone.


In the nutshell, the dissection step in the hair transplant procedure has a prime importance that must be done precisely and with the utmost care and concern in order to find the best number of hair roots without even a single chance of damage.

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